New Jersey House Rabbit Society
PO Box 6430
Monroe Township, NJ 08831-6430

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How to Contact Us

New Jersey House Rabbit Society is an all volunteer organization and as such it may take a few days for your call or email to be returned. We appreciate your patience.


New Jersey House Rabbit Society Team

Shelley Stack, Chapter Manager

    Tracy Turner, CVT, RVT, Medical Coordinator

    Janine Motta, Treasurer

Ways to reach us:

If you have an EMERGENCY, you should NEVER phone or email. Please do the following:

-- if you have a medical emergency with your rabbit, call your local vet. If you don't have a vet, look in your local phone book under veterinarians and call the one closest to you. There are also 24-hour vets listed for night-time or weekend emergencies.

-- if you have an animal cruelty emergency, call the NJ SPCA at 1-800-582-5979 or your local police

-- if you found a wild baby rabbit, please click here


EMAIL: Click here

Our email is answered by volunteers every few day.


PHONE: 732-641-0431

Messages on our answering machine are picked up by volunteers every few days.

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Updated:  November 24, 2014